The “Junk” is Making You Miss the Good Stuff

I’ve grown to dread checking my e-mail because my inboxes are overflowing with junk messages that I just don’t want to read. I could spend hours clearing out all the crap that solicitors send me, whether I asked for it or not; the number 934 in a little red circle is glaring at me right now from my phone.  It makes me a little anxious. While signing up for 15% off a shirt 5 years ago that I didn’t need, I unknowingly traded my peace of mind.

Going through all of those e-mails will take more time than I’m willing to spend; I’ve done it before and that number will just creep right back up, pushing all the e-mails and Evites I actually want to see right back down. I’m sure some people will recommend that I “unsubscribe” from e-mails … it sounds like an easy solution, but it doesn’t help. (Has anyone ever tried to unsubscribe from Groupon, by the way? It’s freaking impossible.) I often forget to reply to the “good” e-mails because of all the junk. Do you do that, too? I’ll just click to “keep it as new,” planning to get to it later, and down it goes, to the land of forgotten e-mails. I’ve also been known to accidentally delete important messages in an effort to mass delete the crap.


The “junk” isn’t just in our inboxes … if you’re aware of it, it’s everywhere.

Let’s face it, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, life with or without kids is overwhelming to begin with. (We are ALL overwhelmed and it’s OK to admit it! There’s no need to be a hero – no-one is giving out medals.) Throw in work, after-school activities, social obligations, errands, bills, fundraisers, unnecessary pressure thrown at us via social media, replying to e-mails, texts, phone calls and direct messages … in 2018, life is more stressful than it should be for all of us.

I miss good, old-fashioned “snail mail.” E-mail and texting was supposed to be easy for all of us, but maybe “easy” is really making things more complicated. By making ourselves so accessible, we’ve made it so simple for people to reach us who really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and we are unintentionally pushing all the things that DO MATTER right down. We are overwhelmed by life’s “junk.”

Close your eyes and take a deep breath … all the way down into your abdomen. Don’t stop at your lungs … GO ALL THE WAY DOWN until your belly puffs out. Ask yourself what truly matters in this moment. Your work can wait; your boss shouldn’t be bothering you now anyway. If you’re running a little late for your 7 year-old’s soccer practice, stop panicking and nearly running people off the road in your minivan. Your kid is 7. And it’s soccer practice. Slow the F down. All of the unnecessary pressure you created for yourself can go scratch. All that matters is the moment you’re in. Really think about what actually matters. You can’t do it all, and that’s OK.

From hereon out, I’m on a mission to declutter my inbox and simply enjoy life. I want to give my kids a life, leading by example, where they can actually live in the moment and appreciate the world around them. I don’t want them to feel constant pressure coming at them from every angle. I want free weekends where we can hike together as a family, no technology allowed, and just talk.

I think it’s important in today’s pressure-filled world for someone to tell you that you are enough. You can’t do it all and no-one expects you to. J.Crew, Groupon and the Children’s Place don’t deserve your attention …you know who does deserve your undivided attention? YOU. Your family. Your friends who are always there for you when you need them. The rest can go scratch.

I’m going to go snuggle on the couch with my kids now.

Liza XO

P.S. Who or what are you going to tell to “go scratch” today? Tell me in the comments below. Then go and truly enjoy your day ~ tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

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8 thoughts on “The “Junk” is Making You Miss the Good Stuff

  1. You are so on point my friend. Staying present in the moment is a real challenge these days! You my dear have accomplished a much sought after virtue in this life…balance!!

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