The Best Place to Get Your Back to School Haircut in Bergen County

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Back to School is officially around the corner here in northern New Jersey (just two weeks to go!) and we’re currently checking items off our BTS to-do list in our household … including haircuts. We headed to our favorite, modern-day barbershop to get my son extra-handsome and fresh for FOURTH GRADE! (Seriously … how the heck did that happen?)

I kid you not, when I told him we were heading to The Ridgewood Man again, he was legitimately excited. Remember … this is the kid who used to complain about heading to the barbershop and would literally rip his shirt off on his way out the door because he was itchy and uncomfortable.

Have you ever seen a kid this happy getting a haircut before? 😉

This wasn’t our first trip to The Ridgewood Man; we ventured to this full-service barbershop back in June for Father’s Day. (You can read about our first experience at TRM here.) While that visit was a father/son outing, this day was all about my (not so) little guy … and he loved every second of it.

My son is surrounded by females pretty much all day long. He has a twin sister and a little sister, so let’s face it … he basically has three moms. The girls love to feel pretty, often asking to get their nails done, and we spend endless hours braiding their hair and getting “sparkly.” Watching him sit in the chair and getting shampooed and styled with a giant grin on his face is just the best. The shop has an upscale vibe and the staff gives extra attention that takes the experience to another level … and he’s an AWESOME kid who deserves to feel special, too.

Many thanks again to Dan Hood (one of the shop’s owners) and his sweet and talented stylist, Celeste, for another top-notch experience. Celeste even took the time to show my son how to style his own hair using MUK haircare products, which was also greatly appreciated!

The guys in our house are hooked on the MUK Filthy Firm Hold Paste … EVERY STUDENT THAT BOOKS A BACK TO SCHOOL CUT AT THE RIDGEWOOD MAN GETS A FREE TIN!  Australian-born MUK products are award winning and PETA approved. (I brought home a few of their products for females, too … keep your eyes peeled for upcoming reviews and posts on my Instagram page!)

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2018-2019 school year!

Liza XO

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A little bit about The Ridgewood Man

Open since late 2016, The Ridgewood Man (please note that there is also The Hoboken Man, their original location) is a modern-day, full-service barbershop located on East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Their menu of services includes a variety of haircuts and shaves, color services, beard and mustache trims, waxing, facials, massages, spa manicures and pedicures. Packages, gift certificates and memberships are also available. Both upscale barbershops use and sell the award winning, PETA approved, Australian-born haircare line, Muk (available for purchase in store or on Amazon). There are so many salons in the area; The Ridgewood Man is unique in that it offers salon and spa services, but caters specifically to men. 

17 thoughts on “The Best Place to Get Your Back to School Haircut in Bergen County

  1. Back when I was young, I have always dreaded the back to school haircut. LOL. It was just that I wanted to keep my hair long but my aunt would not let me. She says, it would save me a lot of time if I kept it short. True! BTW, you are indeed one stylish Mama!

  2. This looks like such a lovely place. It is always lovely to find a hairdressers where you can feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience.

  3. Glad that your young man enjoys his hair treatment. Like they say it, once you experience it – you’ll never go back 😀
    At least you all have a bonding!

  4. Haha. This post reminded me of the struggles of my son’s haircuts before the school starts. He too enjoys it too much, especially when the haircuts are different and he feels like how we would in a spa!

  5. I really appreciate a barbershop. Especially, as the sort of evolve out of fashion. It’s such a cool place and it evokes some nostalgia for me. Your son is so adorable!!

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