That Time Netflix Sparked Something in Me

I was browsing through Netflix recently and discovered that Marie Kondo, “celebrity of tidying” and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, now has her own series. I’m going to be honest with you … I love to write, but I am not a huge reader. I wish I had more time to do it, but it’s just not at the top of my priority list at this point in my life. I got about halfway through the book around the time it was first released and then threw it into a pile with a bunch of other books I started and never finished.

I used to be obnoxiously organized before I had kids. We went from zero children to two babies overnight, and then had another (SURPRISE!) baby just two years later. everything piled up on me so fast and it was really hard to get myself out from underneath it all. Instead of spending hours going through everything, it was easier for me to just shut a door on all of the crap that was accumulating over time. It wasn’t “hoarder level” messiness, but walking into rooms didn’t feel as good as it should have.

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now. Not for the person we were in the past.”

Marie Kondo

Fast forward a few years … I watched the first episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and immediately started tossing things that don’t “spark joy” into bags. It certainly wasn’t a graceful straightening session like Marie conducts in the episodes; I’m not ashamed to admit that I didn’t thank everything before tossing it … it was more of a “get it out quick before I change my mind” moment. Hopefully I can adopt more and more of her techniques over time.

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.”

Marie Kondo

It may not have been a pretty process, but in the end, I donated quite a few bags of toys, clothing, books, etc., sold some things in our local online garage sale and let my kids place the cash in their “puppy savings jar.”

A better way to fold my daughter’s pants, thanks to Marie Kondo.
Photo: @photographybycaranj

In addition to clearing out the things that we don’t need and don’t spark joy, Marie teaches the best way to fold clothing in order to maximize space and increase visibility of everything on our shelves and in our drawers. This has been especially helpful in my kids’ drawers. I used to find myself refolding everything in their rooms constantly because they’d pull clothing from the bottom of piles in a not-so-neat kinda way.

It’s been about two weeks since we started with the KonMari method and so far, so good! Everyone in our home is able to easily find everything they’re looking for and we all seem a little “lighter.” It’s clearer that our focus from now on should be on what truly sparks joy in us … people and experiences … not things. This has been a goal of mine for quite some time now and I finally feel like I’m on the right track. It feels really good. Holding onto just the items that spark joy in my life has sparked some more life back into me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you watched any of Marie’s Tidying Up episodes yet?

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