A Simple Way to Brighten Your Dull Winter Skin …

… That’s Maybe Aging a Little, Too ; )

Special offer from Araya Rebirth for “Stylish Mamas” (and men) below. 

I swear I blinked and now forty is just a couple of months away. Ask anyone I know, and they’ll tell you I am not entirely thrilled about this whole thing. I truly believe in growing older gracefully, HOWEVER, I am not opposed to simple ways to make the whole process slow down a little bit. I like the “natural approach”; I am quite a hippie at heart, which is one of the many reasons why I am drawn to Daniela Musano and her studio of 18 years, Araya Rebirth in Ridgewood. She radiates good vibes, and her incredible energy flows within the walls of Araya.

Araya Rebirth is located at 10 Garber Square in Ridgewood, NJ.

It’s been awhile since I’ve ventured into her massage therapy, skin care and make-up studio to treat myself. When I spoke to Daniela, I told her my concerns, mainly the fine lines around my eyes and my fairly new skin sensitivities (add that to the fun aging list), and she scheduled me in for a Lactic Acid Peel. Sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? I’m not going to lie … I was hesitant going in, especially after the horribly itchy rash I suffered from after the last facial I had at another local spa. However, I totally trust Daniela, and I’m happy to be your guinea pig and take this treatment for a spin. Best-case scenario, it works … worst case, I wear big sunglasses and a hat and pop some Benadryl for a few days.

If you’ve been to Araya Rebirth before, you can feel me here: when I walk in there, I instantly want to take a nap. It’s beyond peaceful and relaxing. The music is calming, the employees’ voices are calming, and the colors and messages that hang on the walls are so soothing. The sun even beats through the window and warms your back while you’re waiting.

But I’m not here for a snooze this time … let’s look younger and awake.

Before we got started with the peel, Daniela asked me if there’s an area of my face that is a specific concern for me. I didn’t have to think twice about it: I’ve noticed quite a difference around my eyes lately. Perhaps it’s because I’m a perpetually tired Mom, drink too much coffee, or now have to squint to read ingredient labels and menus because my eyesight is quickly going down the tubes, but that’s beside the point. We added on a NuFace Wow Brow treatment ($40). Why not?!

NuFace and NuBody devices and accessories

This FDA cleared device is pretty awesome. It uses microcurrent technology to gently stimulate your skin, instantly lifting and reducing lines. The results (which are instantaneous – see the proof below) last 47-72 hours. You can purchase the device at Araya Rebirth (which includes a LIFETIME warranty) so you can continue the treatment at home for more cumulative results. We even took the NuBody for a spin on my abdomen and there was an immediate noticeable difference. (There’s not a chance in hell I’m posting those photos though. Sorry.) * It’s important to note that the NuBody is effective on individuals who live a healthy lifestyle and have good muscle tone. * As Daniela put it, you can’t be sitting on your couch, eating Doritos, while using the device.

NuFace Wow Brow at Araya. Results after 1 treatment.

Daniela then set me up for my Lactic Acid Peel, which is a 30-minute service, and costs $85 (mention “Stylish Mama” and pay $75). According to Daniela, this peel is great for most skin types; it is an instant brightener, rejuvenator and exfoliator. While the peel was on my skin, it felt a little tingly and itchy, but not uncomfortable in any way. She hovered over me to watch how my skin reacted, and knew when it was time to wipe it off of my face.

** Please note that if you schedule an appointment for a Lactic acid peel, you can’t exfoliate, wax or use any topical prescriptions for a week before or after your treatment. Also, you MUST use sun protection post-treatment. **

The peel instantly brightened my face; my skin went right from a dull, matte appearance to dewy and refreshed. Right afterwards, my complexion was a little pink and shiny, but with the help of a little bit of Araya’s tinted moisturizer with SPF (yes, she sells her own private line of mostly vegan make-up, too!), it vanished immediately. By the time I washed the make-up off, there was no sign of any pink at all.

Before & after both treatments. No make-up / alterations in either photo.

One day later, I would describe my skin as having a nice glow to it. The fine lines around my eyes are certainly less noticeable – my eyes are more “awake” – and perhaps it’s weird to say that they appear almost a little bigger than normal. I’ve gone from “matte” to “glow-y” and it only took 30 minutes, no needles. On my list of future purchases are the NuFace and NuBody devices.

Three days later, my skin still looks and feels great and I am happy to report Benadryl and sunglasses were never required. Daniela recommends getting a Lactic Acid Peel roughly once per month, and I will certainly be back.

Daniela & me, post-treatments. 🙂

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Araya Rebirth is offering “Stylish Mamas” (AND MEN!) $10 off of a Lactic Acid Peel, $15 off any hour-long service, AND a FREE make-up color consultation. Take advantage of this offer and treat someone you love, which certainly should include yourself!

For more information about Araya Rebirth, including a full list of services offered, or to order products and gift certificates online, visit: https://araya-rebirth.com/

Beautiful pieces by MightyBeads, carried at Araya. @mightybeadsshop