Solutions for the Scent-sitive

I am a super-sensitive person.

I feel deeply and have extreme empathy for others. Also, if you walk into our home when it’s dark out, you’ll notice the lights are dim and – if the TV or music is even on at all – the volume is low. I sound like a bit of a Gremlin here, don’t I? Just don’t spill water on me and it’s all good.

Perhaps you feel me on this, and if you do, you most likely don’t like strong scents either. Most heavy colognes and perfumes make me a bit nauseous, and can even give me a headache. According to WebMD, I’m one of roughly 2 million people who experiences some sort of allergy or sensitivity to fragrance.

I’m not a fan of strong smells, but I do like smelling pretty, so giving up on scents just doesn’t make sense. I’ve rounded up my favorite gentle, light fragrances for you below!

My favorite light scents
  1. Bobbi Brown’s BEACH: If I could park my tush on a beach all day everyday, I would. This isn’t a reality for me (yet), so a nostalgic fragrance will have to do for now. A blend of sea spray, jasmine and mandarin equals absolute perfection. I layer the lotion and the eau de parfum to make the scent last longer. BEACH is perfect for day or night.
  2. KAI FRAGRANCE: Kai products are paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate, microbead and gluten free. They are also vegan and cruelty free. I really enjoy the perfume oil (which is small, but lasts FOREVER), made of essential oils. The perfect size to throw in your bag for a night out, the best way I can describe this scent is: SEXY HIPPIE!
  3. Pretty much any fragrance from PHILOSOPHY: I haven’t met a Philosophy fragrance I didn’t like. My top two at the moment are AMAZING GRACE (this is one I’ve purchased over and over again) and most recently, FRESH CREAM.

Are you a “scent-sitive” person, too? Please share your favorite fragrances in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Solutions for the Scent-sitive

  1. My favorite is Juliette has a Gun (not a perfume). I have gotten a ton of compliments on it. Very light but smells so nice.

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