Setting Intentions: Gosia Narula of Mighty Beads

“Energy flows where intention goes.” – Author Unknown

A couple weeks ago, Nicole Linn helped me clear the negative energy from my home. After she showed all of us how to successfully smudge our spaces, she was kind enough to do a home clearing for me. (I welcome any opportunity to get rid of the “junk” and bring more positivity into my life! Who wouldn’t?) After she performed the clearing, she mentioned that GREEN and GOLD stood out to her, and that I should bring these colors into my life and my home as often as possible.

You know how I don’t like forcing things and opt to keep myself open to the “magic” of life unfolding naturally? Buckle up for this one …

Not long after Nicole’s clearing, I bumped into Gosia Narula at our town’s recycling center. (We met several months ago during my visit to Araya Rebirth, where she works as an aesthetician.) Oddly enough, a few days prior, I had been scrolling through her business’s Instagram page, admiring her beautiful pieces and thinking to myself that I’d love to collaborate with her in some way. When I saw her, she hugged me and told me she wanted to make me a Mighty Beads bracelet. I got chills down my spine. I immediately knew what I needed my bracelet to incorporate … the colors green and gold.

So, what are Mighty Beads?

It was a dream of hers for as long as she can remember that finally came to fruition about one year ago; Gosia began making beautiful custom-made (and ready-made) malas, necklaces and bracelets out of semi-precious stones. (I know right now my mom is reading and asking, “What the heck is a mala?” Similar to rosary beads, a mala, or Buddhist prayer beads, are a tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, breaths while meditating, etc.) The timing was finally right for Gosia and Mighty Beads was born.

The semi-precious stones in her pieces come from the earth. Holding them close to your body is believed by many to promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing. They are said to interact with your energy field, or chakra. Gosia explains, “Vibes and waves affect our energy. Just like a microwave or Wi-Fi interferes with our energy, crystals affect our energy in a positive way.” Some reading may have doubts … I personally believe in the power of positive thinking and visualizing your intentions.

Speaking of intentions … Gosia asked me for mine. (Perhaps not so) ironically, my intentions matched up to the colors green and gold, and she incorporated them into my bracelet beautifully.




  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

“she was full of good intentions”

Here’s the bracelet that Gosia made for me. I’ve had it for a little over a week now and I’ve worn it every single day. Isn’t it so beautiful? It makes me happy.

These are the stones that Gosia used, along with what they’re said to do:

Moss Agate – A stone of wealth, attracts abundance. Improves self-esteem and strengthens positive personality traits. Encourages expanding one’s personal space and growth.

Jade – Attracts good luck, friendships and prosperity.

Green Aventurine – Know as the luckiest stone, invites good luck and prosperity for one’s life. It is a great comforter and the heart healer. Protects one’s energy.

Sunstone – A joyful stone. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance.

Gosia Narula

Gosia, a Bergen County mom of two young children, loves witnessing her pieces come together, and feels such joy watching others wear the jewelry, knowing that they’ll experience good things from them. She says it “melts (her) heart.” Gosia has made custom pieces for suicide survivors, cancer fighters, those seeking strength and success … the possibilities are endless

To view more of Gosia’s pieces or to place a custom order, visit her website: You can also follow Mighty Beads on Instagram: @mightybeadshop.


What are your intentions for your life at this moment? Visit my Instagram page and enter to win a Mighty Beads bracelet for yourself or someone you have good intentions for. If you don’t have Instagram, feel free to drop your comments below and follow Stylish Mama AND Mighty Beads on Facebook!

Contest ends on Sunday, October 14, 2018 at midnight EST. One winner will be randomly chosen and notified.


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Liza XO

P.S. One of my favorite things about running my Instagram page and writing my blog is connecting people. This time, naturally, I’ve connected Nicole Linn and Gosia Narula … some pretty cool things are brewing with this perfect duo! Keep your eyes and ears open for details … I’ll keep you in the loop, of course!

P.S. Almost forgot to mention … you can pick up ready-made Mighty Beads at Araya Rebirth in Ridgewood!

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Living One Moment at a *Time* … With My Wooden Watch

I want a tattoo. I already have one that I (sort of) regret on my hip. It’s a purple flower that, at 39, is quite absurd. In hindsight, if I could go back in time to that day when I was 17, I probably would have skipped it, but I don’t totally fret over it because it’s really not THAT awful and it’s in a spot where I can hide it easily. Let’s put it this way: it could have been a lot worse. I’ve seen a lot worse.

I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been craving another one. However, I keep thinking that 20+ years from now, there’s a good chance I’ll have doubts about it, just like the one that I (somewhat) regret having now. This time though, I want to do something that has significance to me; something more than just a flower. At the moment, I would love tiny angel wings on my wrist – where I can always see them – for 2 reasons:

1. After 2 close brushes with death (I’ll save that for another blog), I believe there is someone – or something – watching over me closely.

2. My motto in life is simply: “winging it.”

What is “winging it”, exactly? For me, it is living in the moment and embracing what life throws at me … the good and the bad. I’ve found that everything in life unfolds just as it is meant to unfold, so there is no sense in worrying about things that are beyond my control.

Technically, I was “winging it” when I got my first tattoo, but this time, I want it to truly mean something – and I want to be certain about it before I pull the tattoo trigger. So, I decided to test it out for a little while first by simply having it engraved on a piece of jewelry that hangs on my wrist instead. A simple reminder that can be easily taken off each night instead of painfully removed off my skin with lasers down the road.

On the back of my hand-crafted JORD (pronounced /YOAD/ like “TOAD”) wooden watch, I had the words “winging it …” engraved, to remind me to take one moment at a time, and embrace each moment, always. Deciding what to have engraved on my watch was the easy part for me. Deciding which watch to choose was a lot tougher, as JORD has an incredible selection of wooden watches.
For an additional fee, Jord offers engraving, making an already unique gift even more special.

Choosing the Perfect Wooden Watch

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I chose the Zebrawood and Ivory, The Cassia, women’s watch; it’s lightweight, clean and classic, yet unique. It arrived quickly and was packaged beautifully. The wood box, which can also be engraved, is magnetic. The time piece itself has a metal and wood link interlaced band, a full Roman numeral concave dial and domed sapphire glass.


What a great gift idea for someone special! What would you have engraved on a JORD wooden watch for yourself, or what would you have engraved on one for someone you love?

I’ve partnered with JORD to offer my followers 10% off of their beautiful, unique and sustainable time pieces. Click here to receive your discount AND to enter to win a $100 credit toward a watch of your choice! * One winner of a $100 credit will be chosen, but all entrants will receive 10% off. Contest ends March 4, 2018 at 11:59 PM. Both the $100 and 10% off codes will be issued when the contest ends and will expire on March 18, 2018. *

You can choose to have your watch sized perfectly when you place your order, or have it sized when it arrives. I chose to have mine fit a little loosely on my wrist, and I love it.

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