Is Your Rear End on Trend? ‘Fanny Packs’ are Back!

I was walking through Bloomingdale’s a few months ago when something stopped me dead in my tracks. Hanging there in plain sight was a bag that – as a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s – I was certain I’d never see again in my lifetime … especially on display in a high-end department store. I’ve seen models and bloggers randomly sporting them in magazines and on Instagram, but there was a part of me laughing it off.  Sure, these women are wearing them in photos, but are they really  utilizing them in public?

What I found even more surprising than the fact that “fanny packs” have reemerged, was my knee-jerk reaction to quickly add one to my Christmas wish list after seeing it on display. Thanks to my husband, I am now the (kind of) proud owner of an MZ Wallace “belt bag.”  Call it whatever you want, they are back, much prettier and a little more glam. (Note: I’ve linked some of my favorite “fanny finds” below!)

I’m going to be honest; it initially felt a little strange admitting to myself that I have one in my possession, but why? Perhaps I’m scarred, thanks to Weird Al. (Am I ageing myself here, or what?) Perhaps they were never really “cool” in the first place. Whatever the reason, it took me one month and 10 days to finally take the tags off. Today, with a little encouragement from my incredibly stylish, best girl friend, I wore it … and it felt pretty good. I threw my cell phone and keys inside, buckled it around my waist, and went for a long walk, completely hands-free. 

It felt a bit brave strapping a bag to my bum after all these years, but within a few minutes, I forgot that I even had it on. It was kind of freeing. Imagine rocking one of these at the playground with your kids, or at the airport!

Photo: @photographybycaranj

In these days of Marie Kondo, where almost everyone seems to be so sick of overloading on the unnecessary, it was a bit liberating to take only what I needed with me and give my poor shoulder a rest from the typical oversized bag of useless nonsense I lug around daily with me. I think we are all carrying around A LOT more than we need to be carrying … and I mean that in so many ways. 

Cheers to minimalism and shrinking bags for your bum! (Now if only my bum would start shrinking.)

Photo: @photographybycaranj

If you’re not quite sure yet about strapping a belt bag around your waist, try wearing it as a cross-body instead! You can wear it in front … or in the back …

Photo: @photographybycaranj

** The above photos were taken by my talented friend / Bergen County Photographer, Cara Polizzi. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook as @photographybycaranj.

I’ve linked some of my favorite “finds for your fanny” below … 


MZ Wallace Black Nylon:

Here’s the link to the belt bag I’m wearing in the photos. I love it because it’s sporty and simple; it works great with workout gear or a pair of jeans. I threw a cardigan over it, making it a little less discreet.

Kate Spade Leopard:

Kate Spade Hearts (perfect for Valentine’s Day!):

Two beauties from Gucci:


Do you already own a belt bag? Can you embrace this re-emerging trend? 

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‘Tis the Season for Glam Makeup

‘Tis the season for a little extra glam! The holidays are the perfect excuse to add a little sparkle  … and your makeup is no exception. I asked Lexi of SMITHBEAUTY to share her holiday party go-to look (along with her favorite products to achieve it) to help prepare us for the celebrations ahead! 

My holiday go-to look is a gold glitter halo eye with faux mink lashes and a deep red lip. These colors translate really well on almost everyone versus a silver glitter eye.

*Note: Don’t worry … I Googled it for you! The “Halo Eye” technique is strategically sandwiching a lighter color between a darker color on the upper and lower lids. It creates the appearance of a larger, rounder eye. – L 

My number one MUST for a glam holiday look is the Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Shadow.
For a more cost-effective option, NYX cosmetics makes a very comparable product for a third of the price.

For lashes, I love the Ardell Lash Faux Mink Wispies. They are my absolute favorite; they really dress up any look.

For lips, I love the formula of the Ofra Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks because they are super-smooth and creamy. They aren’t drying and they stay on all night. Try the shade “Milan” for a deep, cranberry red. Some shades are available at Ulta or on the Ofra website. They have over 60 shades available, so you can find your perfect hue.

About Lexi Smith:

Lexi Smith is a certified professional makeup artist residing in Ramsey, New Jersey. She accepts makeup bookings in NJ via email at Follow her on Instagram: (@smithbeauty_) to learn more about her SMITHBEAUTY Makeup and Mimosas events. 


Thank you, Lexi! XO

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Setting Intentions: Gosia Narula of Mighty Beads

“Energy flows where intention goes.” – Author Unknown

A couple weeks ago, Nicole Linn helped me clear the negative energy from my home. After she showed all of us how to successfully smudge our spaces, she was kind enough to do a home clearing for me. (I welcome any opportunity to get rid of the “junk” and bring more positivity into my life! Who wouldn’t?) After she performed the clearing, she mentioned that GREEN and GOLD stood out to her, and that I should bring these colors into my life and my home as often as possible.

You know how I don’t like forcing things and opt to keep myself open to the “magic” of life unfolding naturally? Buckle up for this one …

Not long after Nicole’s clearing, I bumped into Gosia Narula at our town’s recycling center. (We met several months ago during my visit to Araya Rebirth, where she works as an aesthetician.) Oddly enough, a few days prior, I had been scrolling through her business’s Instagram page, admiring her beautiful pieces and thinking to myself that I’d love to collaborate with her in some way. When I saw her, she hugged me and told me she wanted to make me a Mighty Beads bracelet. I got chills down my spine. I immediately knew what I needed my bracelet to incorporate … the colors green and gold.

So, what are Mighty Beads?

It was a dream of hers for as long as she can remember that finally came to fruition about one year ago; Gosia began making beautiful custom-made (and ready-made) malas, necklaces and bracelets out of semi-precious stones. (I know right now my mom is reading and asking, “What the heck is a mala?” Similar to rosary beads, a mala, or Buddhist prayer beads, are a tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, breaths while meditating, etc.) The timing was finally right for Gosia and Mighty Beads was born.

The semi-precious stones in her pieces come from the earth. Holding them close to your body is believed by many to promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing. They are said to interact with your energy field, or chakra. Gosia explains, “Vibes and waves affect our energy. Just like a microwave or Wi-Fi interferes with our energy, crystals affect our energy in a positive way.” Some reading may have doubts … I personally believe in the power of positive thinking and visualizing your intentions.

Speaking of intentions … Gosia asked me for mine. (Perhaps not so) ironically, my intentions matched up to the colors green and gold, and she incorporated them into my bracelet beautifully.




  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

“she was full of good intentions”

Here’s the bracelet that Gosia made for me. I’ve had it for a little over a week now and I’ve worn it every single day. Isn’t it so beautiful? It makes me happy.

These are the stones that Gosia used, along with what they’re said to do:

Moss Agate – A stone of wealth, attracts abundance. Improves self-esteem and strengthens positive personality traits. Encourages expanding one’s personal space and growth.

Jade – Attracts good luck, friendships and prosperity.

Green Aventurine – Know as the luckiest stone, invites good luck and prosperity for one’s life. It is a great comforter and the heart healer. Protects one’s energy.

Sunstone – A joyful stone. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance.

Gosia Narula

Gosia, a Bergen County mom of two young children, loves witnessing her pieces come together, and feels such joy watching others wear the jewelry, knowing that they’ll experience good things from them. She says it “melts (her) heart.” Gosia has made custom pieces for suicide survivors, cancer fighters, those seeking strength and success … the possibilities are endless

To view more of Gosia’s pieces or to place a custom order, visit her website: You can also follow Mighty Beads on Instagram: @mightybeadshop.


What are your intentions for your life at this moment? Visit my Instagram page and enter to win a Mighty Beads bracelet for yourself or someone you have good intentions for. If you don’t have Instagram, feel free to drop your comments below and follow Stylish Mama AND Mighty Beads on Facebook!

Contest ends on Sunday, October 14, 2018 at midnight EST. One winner will be randomly chosen and notified.


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P.S. One of my favorite things about running my Instagram page and writing my blog is connecting people. This time, naturally, I’ve connected Nicole Linn and Gosia Narula … some pretty cool things are brewing with this perfect duo! Keep your eyes and ears open for details … I’ll keep you in the loop, of course!

P.S. Almost forgot to mention … you can pick up ready-made Mighty Beads at Araya Rebirth in Ridgewood!

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Burn, Baby, Burn! How to Clear Your Space of Lingering Negative Energy

*Consciousness educator and energy practitioner, Nicole Linn, helps us clear out the crap and start fresh this fall.*

I am a very spiritual person. I believe everyone and everything is connected and that we need to keep our hearts open to the messages all around us. If you pay attention, you’ll be amazed at how everything flows and guides us. I love to have conversations with anyone who is open to chatting about this, so clearly, Nicole is someone who’s right up my alley. I find her fascinating for several reasons, but mainly because she’s super-spiritual … and she covers up curse words in her writing with asterisks. It’s the Jersey in us … and it feels like home. Get your smudge sticks and your lighters ready … Nicole is going to help us clear out all the crap! – Liza XO

Burn, Baby, Burn! How to Clear Your Space of Lingering Negative Energy

A guest blog by “Spiritual Mama,” Nicole Linn

Sage! Palo Santo! Sweet Grass, oh my!!!

It’s the number one question I’m asked …

“How do I sage my home?”

I also get, “Can I use palo santo instead because sage smells like ___?” LOL.

You may have wondered yourself why you should burn this stuff, and when is the best time? Inquisitive minds with a pull toward spiritual growth are the ones filling my inbox with these types of questions.

People typically tend to talk about this topic and ask about the ins and outs of the process after they’ve had houseguests, a party, or even just some “stop by” company.


Well, people carry all sorts of energy with them. Energy has the ability to linger long past the source of it has gone, thus affecting the vibe in your space. Ever had the feeling, or even said aloud, “Jeez, that person is so draining?” That phrase in and of itself is totally talking about energy. It’s not weird to feel that way; it’s actually a pretty cool thing because it means you’re super-aware of yourself and your energetic field. You are increasing your consciousness!

So, here we are … summer is out, September is here. School has sprung, and we are given yet another opportunity to start fresh. What a wonderful feeling! Along with all the “new” this time of year brings, why don’t we add a “high vibin’ space” to all of it?! This is a perfect time to clear out all that stagnant energy and get everything flowing again.

Here are the basic steps for clearing your abode of unwanted sh*t …


The way our space feels is pivotal to our wellbeing. When I say “space” I am referring to any area that’s yours. Obviously, your home is the first and foremost area that needs constant clearing, and you also should clear the space where you work. Basically, any area that you spend a significant amount of time living in, needs to be cleared periodically.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were calling me every week to clear your space for you? Abso-fu**ing-lutely! But, I know that is just not realistic. What is realistic is to do it yourself! You might be wondering how … and I’m going to teach you!

Supplies needed:
White pillar candle
White sage bundle
Palo santo stick


1. Be alone.
2. Light the candle
3. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If any thoughts come into your mind, acknowledge them and release them. Once you feel peaceful, light your sage bundle.
4. Wave the lit sage around your body. (This clears your energy field.)
5. Walk through each room of your home, holding the burning sage. As you go to each corner of the room, ask for all negative energies to be rid from the space. Open the window as you are doing this. Visualize the energy as a dark smoke leaving the space.
6. Continue this process throughout your home.
7. Once each room is completed, go back to where you started. Snuff out the sage.
8. Light your palo santo (this is a bit difficult to do – be patient! Once it catches fire, let it burn for a few seconds and blow the flame out. Now it should be burning like incense.)
9. Walk through your home with the burning palo santo in gratitude. Visualize beautiful white diamond light flooding your space. Close your windows as you do this.
10. Return to your starting space and say aloud, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

How often should you do this?

Whenever you feel called to, honestly. You are an extremely aware being … listen to yourself … not what’s going on in your head … listen to your heart. If you feel your space needs it, then clear it!

Nicole Linn is a consciousness educator and energy practitioner in Bergen County, New Jersey. For more information about Nicole’s services and to book a consultation, visit her website (

You can also follow her on Instagram (@nicolealinn) and on Facebook



Curious how it all goes down? For some videos and photos of Nicole saging my home, check out @stylishmama!

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The Best Place to Get Your Back to School Haircut in Bergen County

Don’t miss a special Back to School offer for students … enclosed below! 

Back to School is officially around the corner here in northern New Jersey (just two weeks to go!) and we’re currently checking items off our BTS to-do list in our household … including haircuts. We headed to our favorite, modern-day barbershop to get my son extra-handsome and fresh for FOURTH GRADE! (Seriously … how the heck did that happen?)

I kid you not, when I told him we were heading to The Ridgewood Man again, he was legitimately excited. Remember … this is the kid who used to complain about heading to the barbershop and would literally rip his shirt off on his way out the door because he was itchy and uncomfortable.

Have you ever seen a kid this happy getting a haircut before? 😉

This wasn’t our first trip to The Ridgewood Man; we ventured to this full-service barbershop back in June for Father’s Day. (You can read about our first experience at TRM here.) While that visit was a father/son outing, this day was all about my (not so) little guy … and he loved every second of it.

My son is surrounded by females pretty much all day long. He has a twin sister and a little sister, so let’s face it … he basically has three moms. The girls love to feel pretty, often asking to get their nails done, and we spend endless hours braiding their hair and getting “sparkly.” Watching him sit in the chair and getting shampooed and styled with a giant grin on his face is just the best. The shop has an upscale vibe and the staff gives extra attention that takes the experience to another level … and he’s an AWESOME kid who deserves to feel special, too.

Many thanks again to Dan Hood (one of the shop’s owners) and his sweet and talented stylist, Celeste, for another top-notch experience. Celeste even took the time to show my son how to style his own hair using MUK haircare products, which was also greatly appreciated!

The guys in our house are hooked on the MUK Filthy Firm Hold Paste … EVERY STUDENT THAT BOOKS A BACK TO SCHOOL CUT AT THE RIDGEWOOD MAN GETS A FREE TIN!  Australian-born MUK products are award winning and PETA approved. (I brought home a few of their products for females, too … keep your eyes peeled for upcoming reviews and posts on my Instagram page!)

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2018-2019 school year!

Liza XO

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A little bit about The Ridgewood Man

Open since late 2016, The Ridgewood Man (please note that there is also The Hoboken Man, their original location) is a modern-day, full-service barbershop located on East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Their menu of services includes a variety of haircuts and shaves, color services, beard and mustache trims, waxing, facials, massages, spa manicures and pedicures. Packages, gift certificates and memberships are also available. Both upscale barbershops use and sell the award winning, PETA approved, Australian-born haircare line, Muk (available for purchase in store or on Amazon). There are so many salons in the area; The Ridgewood Man is unique in that it offers salon and spa services, but caters specifically to men.